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25 Jahre Kunstpreis der Nürnberger Nachrichten 2017


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20 Jahre, 20 Künstler

Liverpool Central Library

Shakespeare now!


MCBA Prize 2015 Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Modo Morandi: a portfolio of seven etchings by Dietmar Pfister and seven poems by Franz Mon, senior master of Concrete poetry, combining literature and art through the alliance of both artists.

This artistic project forms a very special relationship between visual and language art. The images of books include concrete poetry, so the literal and pictorial, the spatial and typographical characteristics form one unity.

The etchings / images reference the art of Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964) supplemented by book objects taken from the artist’s library. The lyrics were written in response and were placed into the picture areas as a truly singular creative collaboration between artist and poet.

Each etching (20 x 28) is printed in chine-collé on Alt Berlin Bütten (31 x 36) (printer Joschi Josephski, Issing). They are interleaved with Zander transparent paper carrying the lyrics (letterpress by Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg).

The etchings are signed and numbered by the artist. The whole portfolio (38 x 42 x 2) is signed and numbered by both artists. The case (with magnetic closures) and title embossing is hand made by Hilmar Wölfel (Nürnberg). Modo Morandi was most recently presented at Codex V in San Francisco.

Kunstverein Bamberg Villa Dessauer

Schrift in der Kunst

Codex V, San Francisco
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Akademie der Künste, Berlin


KunsTTempel Kassel

TINO: SatzZeichnungen


MCBA Prize 2013 Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Artist statement:

You see what you see.
You see an anagram. In the German language you have to write this word correctly ending with a doubled “m”: AnagraMM.

Since 1983 I’ve worked in the field of book art. Starting with artist’s books I’ve been creating book objects more and more. Book after book I definitely felt allied to literature and art. I got the intent of changing a book from its original form into a different form thereby altering its meaning.

The relationship between visual and language art increasingly acquainted me  with word-plays and linguistic science and terms. This way a book becomes sculpture and idea — a word gets new sense and directions There are no pages to be turned but words to be newly thought about. Perhaps you are on the way into the internal space of a book, perhaps you come to your own book this way.

You think what you see — close your eyes and think about it.
It could become a new book, your book, because everything in the world happens to end as a book (Stephane Mallarmé), your book.

TU Dortmund

Satz trifft Kunst


2. Triennale für Zeitgenöss. Kunst Schweinfurt


25e L´Été du livre, Metz
kunsTTempel, Kassel


3rd Sheffield International Artist´s Book Prize
Die Kunst des Sammelns, Kunstvilla Nürnberg


IKKP Rehau

10 Jahre IKKP


Fahnen für Jazz Ost – West, Nürnberg, Hof
Tradition und Moderne, 250 Jahre FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg


Galerie im Trudelhaus Baden / CH

Buchstaben - Zeichen - Symbole

Girona Casa de Cultura
Lleida Institut d´Estudis
Vic Escola d´Arts
19. Jahresausstellung, Gesellschaft der Freunde junger Kunst, Baden-Baden
9th Int. Independent Exhibition of Prints Kanagawa
Art 14 '83 Basel
9. Premio Int. Biella


Hess. Landes- u. Hochschulbibliothek im Landesmuseum Darmstadt
Seventh British Int. Print Biennale Bradford
Listowel Int. Print Biennale
Int. Mini Engraving Exhibition Cadaques
VIIIeme exposition int. de dessins originaux Rijeka
Art 13 '82 Basel
Bibliotheca publica Tarragona
Gal. R. Netras Barcelona
Terrassa Centre Cultural


Künstlerbücher Landesbibliothek Bern
Künstlerbücher Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg
2nd Int. Impact Art Festival 81 Kyoto
Art 12 '81 Basel
Int. Senefelder-Stiftung Offenbach / M.
Arbeiten auf Papier, Esslingen-Nürtingen


Künstlerbücher II Produzentengalerie München
Buchobjekte Produzentengalerie München
Künstlerbücher, Rombach-Center, Freiburg
Gesellschaft der Freunde junger Kunst, Baden-Baden

Junge Kunst 1980

28. Jahresausstellung Deutscher Künstlerbund Hannover
VIIe dessins originaux Rijeka
Int. Impact Art 80, Kyoto


11. Concours int. de la Palme d'or des Beaux ArtsMonte Carlo / Saint Lo
XIII. Biennal of graphic art Ljubljana
XVIII premi int. de Dibuix Joan Miro Barcelona


Int. Senefelder–Stiftung Offenbach / M.


XVI premi int. de Dibuix Joan Miro Barcelona
Sala de Cultura de la Caja de Ahorros de Navarra Pamplona
Kunstkabinett Behr & Trefz, Offenbach


Bild-Text-Text-Bild, Albrecht Dürer Gesellschaft im German. National Museum Nürnberg
Fifth British Int. Print Biennale Bradford
Ve expo. int. de dessins originaux Rijeka
Galerie Hoss, Stuttgart


XI. Biennal of graphic art, Ljubljana
Int. Senefelder–Stiftung Offenbach / M.
XIV premi Dibuix Joan Miro Barcelona
Int. Kunstmarkt Köln
Neue Landschaft, Galerie v. Loeper Hamburg
Fränkische Künstler 75 / 76, Kunsthalle Nürnberg
Galeriehaus Weinelt, Hof

73 Grafiken 73


Kunsthalle Nürnberg

Nürnberger Galerietage 74

Eremitage, 24. Kunstausstellung, Eremitage, Bayreuth
73 Grafiken 73, Hof