MCBA Prize 2013 Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Artist statement:

You see what you see.
You see an anagram. In the German language you have to write this word correctly ending with a doubled “m”: AnagraMM.

Since 1983 I’ve worked in the field of book art. Starting with artist’s books I’ve been creating book objects more and more. Book after book I definitely felt allied to literature and art. I got the intent of changing a book from its original form into a different form thereby altering its meaning.

The relationship between visual and language art increasingly acquainted me  with word-plays and linguistic science and terms. This way a book becomes sculpture and idea — a word gets new sense and directions There are no pages to be turned but words to be newly thought about. Perhaps you are on the way into the internal space of a book, perhaps you come to your own book this way.

You think what you see — close your eyes and think about it.
It could become a new book, your book, because everything in the world happens to end as a book (Stephane Mallarmé), your book.